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Your source for paperboard and cardboard recyclable pallets.

fabricating services
die cutting, sewing, laminating , bonding o all thermal materials to 3000 degrees

 We fabricate non-metallic thermal and acoustic insulation materials precisely, efficiently, and quickly. We complete the most simple, or the most complex, fabrication projects with equal care. 

Services include insulation lamination, die cutting for any kind and size of openings and fabrication of sound control and thermal barrier products for copanies  in the appliance, automotive and any industriy requiring heat or noise control insulation. Our products are specifically designed for each applicaton. This flexibility and receptivity to change is part of every aspect of the company.
CUTTING                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our Ultra-Sonic Cutter is ideal for most low density materials. For high speed cutting, we utilize the latest technology in die-cutting machinery which provides dependable and accurately cut products time after time. Our die cut presses give us the ability to quickly and accurately replicate materials.  we  canfabricate  materials from full-sheet custom panels to small sized components
SEWING                                                                                                                                                                                                        Whatever your industry,we can provide unique sewing solutions to your specifications. Our sewers have specifically trained for manufacturing and our sewing machines are all the most technologically advanced available.
Automated laminators devoted to custom projects allow us to handle both large and small orders. We keep dozens of facings in stock, including foils (1 to 4 mil.), FSK, PSA, kraft papers, vinyls, and others
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